Monthly Archives: November 2010

MythTV VLC Plugin Now Supports VLC 1.1.5 and MythTV 0.23/0.24

Over the weekend I decided to update the MythTV VLC plugin that I wrote a while ago. The plugin allows you to watch your MythTV recordings in VLC without SMB or any other intermediaries. It talks the Myth Protocol. It’s now updated for VLC 1.1.5 and MythTV 0.23/0.24 and better than ever. It’s still a beta release though, so expect bugs. Some bugs which I’ve already noticed are occasional high CPU (after seek) and occasional crash when stopping playing. Other than that, it’s perfectly usable. This version adds preview pics for your recordings in the VLC media browser.

Currently it only supports the default storage group. You can’t watch LiveTV yet, but support for it is planned. Only the windows version is released but Linux and Mac OS X is possible. (just needs to be recompiled on those platforms)

Download for Windows (0.5)

The source code will be released soon on my github.

PHP NTLM now working with lighttpd/FastCGI

Previously, the PHP NTLM library relied on apache_request_headers which required mod_php on apache. On many setups including lighttpd, php fastcgi is used instead to execute php scripts. This meant that the ntlm script can’t be used – until now. I’ve modified the script to use the HTTP_AUTHORIZATION server variable available to CGI scripts and fallback to apache_request_headers. I’ve also did some minor fixes include fallback to use the hash() function if mhash is unavailable.

The latest version of the library is available from the php_ntlm github.

Dictionary Model Binder in ASP.NET MVC2 and MVC3

In a decidedly typical turn of events, Microsoft changed the API of BindModel in ASP.NET MVC 2 such that it breaks DefaultDictionaryBinder. No longer can you enumerate through the ValueProvider, instead you can only Get a value which you know the name of. I’ve updated the code to work with MVC2 and also tested it with the new MVC 3 RC.

The code is compatible with ASP.NET MVC 1, 2 and 3. To use it for ASP.NET MVC 1, just set the conditional compiler directive ASPNETMVC1 and it will enable the MVC 1 code, otherwise it will work with MVC version 2 and 3.

The code is now up at github: DefaultDictionaryBinder.cs.

There’s also an example MVC3 project showing the basic functionality of the Dictionary Binder: link