PHP NTLM now working with lighttpd/FastCGI

Previously, the PHP NTLM library relied on apache_request_headers which required mod_php on apache. On many setups including lighttpd, php fastcgi is used instead to execute php scripts. This meant that the ntlm script can’t be used – until now. I’ve modified the script to use the HTTP_AUTHORIZATION server variable available to CGI scripts and fallback to apache_request_headers. I’ve also did some minor fixes include fallback to use the hash() function if mhash is unavailable.

The latest version of the library is available from the php_ntlm github.

3 thoughts on “PHP NTLM now working with lighttpd/FastCGI

  1. Hans

    Thanks, this is a life saver for me at work. We use SSO, makes it easy for the end user. But Apache was becoming a bit too much for my small server I got here. I can finally switch to something lighter :) .

  2. Dave

    Great script. I remember using this a while back and it worked flawlessly. I’m trying to create an SSO solution for a current project, butthis time around when using the http authorization server variable I amalways prompted for a username and password. Server is apache on centos 6, and clientis Windows 7. I know this is an old post but this is such a useful script that I would love to continue using it. Thanks.

  3. Dave

    Resolved. This was all browser side. I had to change trusted sites for all browsers. Got it working on Firefox. Will work on IE and Chrome now. Thanks again.

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